CityWide Walk, Pray & Talk

CityWide Walk, Pray & Talk

What's all this about? 

This year our church theme is worship.  In our setting this often lends itself to a few different practices: singing, teaching, prayer, communion, fellowship.  But the truth is, the scriptures describe many different ways that people worship; we call these "pathways" or "instincts."

On Sunday, August 27th we're going for our second summer walk to explore the "nature" pathway. For all of you that best worship before a sunset or under an evergreen canopy - this is your chance to shine!

What's happening? 

Once again, Sig and Ruth have selected an easy hike route - Fishermans Trail - starting from the same place as last time but heading in a different direction.  At a slow amble, it will take about an hour. Toddlers might need to be carried on a few sections. Babies will need a backpack. At the end of the hike we'll stop by the river and consider being "fishhers of men". 

What to bring?

Shoes and clothing appropriate for the journey. Water and a light snack for the journeys end (we'll eat the snack while Sig meditates - which is different than levitates, though that would also be something).

Where are we meeting? 

The hike begins at the Hyannis Drive trail head.  Travel down Mount Seymour Parkway and head North on Berkley.  Follow Berkley until it terminates and intersects with Hyannis. Turn left on Hyannis - the trail head and off street parking are right there.


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