CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Carnation St."

CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Carnation St."


Our monthly gathering where all our network churches get together to eat & worship.  A special big welcome to all of you that are new to the church and have never been to a CityWide.  The teaching is all about grounding you in who we are!  

What is Happening: 

Besides being together, making new friends, worshiping Jesus, eating delicious food, joining in on a sacred ryhthm that has been happening for over 2000 years?  Oh, not much.  We're going to continue on with the teaching series on the church. The Church... our Church.

What to Bring: 

Carnation Street is bringing pots o' soup for a... Souper Sunday Soup Spectactular! 

For the rest of us here's what you can bring along:

Seymour Heights - Cheese and Bread

Fraser - Desserts

Lambkin Saturday Morning - Veggies and Dip

Lynn Valley - Cheese and Bread


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