CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Lynn Valley"

CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Lynn Valley"


Our monthly gathering where all our network churches get together to eat & worship.  A special big welcome to all of you that are new to the church and have never been to a CityWide.  

What is Happening: 

It's our Christmas CityWide!  A highlight for young and old.  Even frumpy, middle-aged men are heard to enjoy it.  We'll have lots of carols, warm drinks, an advent Candle to light... and of course, each other.  

What to Bring: 

Lynn Valley is bringing pots o' chili and crusty buns.  Perfect for a winter meal.   We'll wash it all down with some festive treats and mugs of cider. 

For the rest of us here's what you can bring along:

Seymour Heights - Cookies, Squares, Christmas Danties 

Fraser Street - Cookies, Squares, Christmas Danties

Lambkin Sunday Evening - Pots of Chili

Carnation Street - Cut Veggies

Upper Lonsdale (Franco) - Cut Veggies


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