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We've not met together, in person, since February 2020 - but this fall we are aiming to try again. If you feel comfortable, come and join us. 

The Plan

Currently, we do not have a worship leader who is able to lead, so we will keep things very simple. There will be scripture reading and teaching, catching up with each other, prayer, and, of course, the Lord's Supper will be served. In other words, we will be practicing our Ancient Rhythms - but we'll do them all together. 

* Please note, we will not be serving a meal.

COVID Protocols

Currently, faith communities are exempt from mask mandates and proof of vaccination requirements, however, the government continues to recommend that churches follow the guidelines for faith-based organizations to keep congregants safe, including encouraging community members to get vaccinated, wearing masks in all settings unless eating/drinking, making sure people who are ill do not attend worship services

Thus, the following is requested:

  • Unless you are medically unable, please wear a mask. 
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • If you are sick, please do not attend.


Yes! By all means, bring your children. We will have childcare for those up to five or six. Older kids will stay in the service where we will have clipboards and drawing materials art supplies (Don't worry! The service won't be too long :)). 


We will be meeting at St. Agnes Church in North Vancouver - 530 E 12th St, North Vancouver