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As we transition back to normal, and public restrictions lift, we are again able to meet together this summer in backyards and parks for house church. To help with this, we are preparing the guides and liturgies below.

Liturgy | The Work of the People

Did you know that's what the word means? The word liturgy comes from the ancient Greek (Greek: λειτουργία), leitourgia, and it literally means "work for the people." It is a blending of the two words "litos ergos" or "public service."

The idea is that this is the "work" we do. The liturgy, these "ancient rhythms," are the work we do. They are the service we offer to each other and the Lord. It's the way we participate in worship!

Neat, huh?  So, enjoy your work together!

How to do this?

Simple.  Download the file below and choose the venue. Online, or otherwise. The first week your church leader can facilitate... but feel free to pass the facilitating around in the future. 

This Week: TBA