CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Mt Seymour"

CityWide Celebration | Hosted by "Mt Seymour"


Our monthly gathering where all our network churches get together to eat & worship.  

What is Happening: 

Our first gathering back at St. Agnes after a summer break in the park. 

We're going to take a break from our series on Revelation - and do a series on the Church.  Yes, the church in general... but also our churches. Our simplechurches.  Why is the church important... and what is so important about simplechurches?

If you are new to our churches in the past 10 years (ha!, but also serious) you'll want to be with us at these CityWides.  

What to Bring: 

Seymour Heights is bringing all the fixings for deluxe sandwiches... including gluten free options for all those of you that have gluten struggles. 

For the rest of us here's what you can bring along:

Carnation Street - Veggies and Dip

Fraser - Drinks

Lambkin Saturday Morning - Veggies and Dip

Lynn Valley - Squares/Cookies/Dainties


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