Thank you for your generosity!  Did you know that this is one of our simplechurch values

Three Ways to Give

There are three ways you can give in simplechurches

Automatic Withdrawl

If you are a regular member of simplechurches, this is the preferred method of giving. Automatic withdrawal helps the church council in planning it's annual budget.  The Pre-Authorized Debit form and explanation is available for download at the bottom of this page.


One time gifts (or event payments) may be made via E-transfer.  Using your online banking platform simply send your transfer to: 

The is set up for "auto-deposit" so no passwords are required. 

Please include in the memo your name and address for receipt purposes.  Also, indicate if the funds are for the general budget or for a specific event payment (ie. retreat). 

Direct Gifts to Treasurer

Cheques and cash may also be handed directly to our church treasurer, Neto Franco. Or mailed to:

simplechurches c/o 201 East 23rd Street, North Vancouver, B.C., V7L3E4