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We've rescheduled our event with Toni-Dolfo Smith and have decided to move the evening on-line. Hopefully, this will enable easier attendance!  Also, we've given a start time of 7:45 which may let those of you with little ones have an easier time joining.  

Please register below so we can be sure to send you a Zoom link!


For our third evening, we have invited Toni Dolfo Smith to lead our conversation. Toni is the Founder and Executive Director of Journey Ministries whose mission is:

... to give people a safe and spiritually supportive place to help them get in touch with their hearts and emotions and integrate their beliefs with their feelings and experiences. Most importantly, we create the time and space to look to God and invite Jesus into our lives through prayer. For many people, the result is healing for the past, a sense of freedom from old habits and, most important, a renewed sense of walking with Jesus. 

Particularly, Journey has had a significant history helping people find healing and restoration with respect to their sexuality. 

Toni identifies as a gay man who is married with four grown children. He is an excellent communicator with a beautiful story.  Your time attending will be time well spent.    


As the process document reminded us, the goal isn't that we would agree with everything the speaker or others may offer... but we want to learn together and listen well.  This is good for us!