Baptism Sunday | Sign Ups!

Baptism Sunday | Sign Ups!

Are you intersted in getting baptised?  Need to learn a bit more about it first?  If it's the latter, here's a link for some teaching!

If it's the former... you're in luck. This summer we're having an end of summer morning baptism. 

The Plan

We're going to meet at Little Cate's park at 9am and walk down a short trail to a quiet beach on the inlet. Don't be late!!! 

After, we'll have coffee and breakfast treats and celebrate together at the park. 


We're going to meet at Little Cates Park. Notice the "Little" - this is the park next to the main Cates.  You get to it via a different route.  Here's a link to the location.

Sign Up

If you are planning on taking the plunge, sign up below! 

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