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CityWide Update:


It has been reported in the news today that two cases of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) have been confirmed in North Vancouver at the Lynn Valley Care Centre.

As a matter of caution, we contacted the public health officials to ask about our CityWide gathering and specifically the meal portion of our event. The health official underlined that there was no need for undue concern and that our gathering can absolutely proceed (as is the case with schools), but to air on the side of caution with the corporate meal might be prudent.

Thus, our decision is to cancel the meal for this month.

Regarding our service, the usual wisdom applies: wash your hands and if you have any respiratory cold symptoms, stay home and rest up.

So, to be clear: we’re still meeting tomorrow at 3:30 but we will not have our usual meal together.

See you tomorrow everyone!

What is Happening: 

The Second Sunday of Lent, our scripture this month will be John 3:1-21 (which happens to contain the most famous verse in the scriptures). 

Worship, Teaching, something for the kids, and a big family meal together will also be on the menu.  

What to Bring:

See above.