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What's this all about?

A few years back a few of us were talking about different ways we could fundraise for our friends in China, Ukraine and here in the city. So many had such great needs and we wanted to be part of the solution. Part way through the discussion we had a bit of an epiphany: what if part of our fundraising strategy involved prayer and fasting, asking that God - our great provider - would provide for the needs of our friends? And with the epiphany, the "Strawberry Fast" was born.

The idea was that we would take the whole day to pray and fast - only eating strawberries - and at the end of the day, we would come together to break the fast with a Strawberry Shortcake feast.

Why the Strawberries?

Sig and Ruth - our friends in the Mount Seymour church - have always seen strawberries as a little sign of provision. When you go in their home if you look in the nooks and cranies you'll see strawberries as reminders to them.

As the story goes, a number of years ago they were in a financial pinch. It was strawberry season and they didn't even have enough to buy strawberries. If you know Ruth, you know what a heartbreaker this would have been! No jam, desserts, strawberry gifts to give away. And so she quielty prayed that God would provide. In the next day, two different people brought around, unannounced and unasked for, flats of strawberries for Ruth. They were gifts from friends, but they were also gifts from God. Signs that he was providing, even for this little need.

We've adopted this sign and story as our own. Strawberries, delicious reminders that God provides.

One Detail 

1. Parking at the Lambkin's is a little tricky.  It's best if you park around the corner on Broadway... or at Windsor school.