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Sorry all... we're needing to cancel this weekends walk. 




What's all this about? 

In our setting the idea of "worship" often lands on a few different practices: singing, teaching, prayer, communion, fellowship.  But the truth is, the scriptures describe many different ways that people worship; we call these "pathways" or "instincts."

As summer provides a natural change to our routines we're taking advantage of this to also change our worship routines.  We're going for a nature walk together - a means to explore the "nature" pathway of worship. For all of you that best worship before a sunset or under an evergreen canopy - this is your chance to shine!

What's happening? 

At a slow amble, we'll be out for an hour, finishing with a meditation. Toddlers might need to be carried on a few sections. Babies will need a backpack. It will be an easy hike though. Nothing arduous.  

What to bring?

Shoes and clothing appropriate for the journey. Water and a light snack for the journeys end.

Where are we meeting?