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As per our Winter Covid plan, for those churches interested in participating, every other week our simplechurches will assemble on their own - either via zoom (instructions below) or in another setting. As these are unusual times, to assist the churches in a simple gathering, Andy will prepare a guide that churches can use to facilitate the gathering.  It will mimic what we do online... you'll just do it yourself!

Liturgy | The Work of the People

Did you know that's what the word means? The word liturgy comes from the ancient Greek (Greek: λειτουργία), leitourgia, and it literally means "work for the people." It is a blending of the two words "litos ergos" or "public service."

The idea is that this is the "work" we do. The liturgy, these "ancient rhythms," are the work we do. They are the service we offer to each other and the Lord. It's the way we participate in worship!

Neat, huh?  So, enjoy your work together!

How to do this?

Simple.  Download the file below and choose the venue. Online, or otherwise. The first week your church leader can facilitate... but feel free to pass the facilitating around in the future. 

Resurrection Part II

Did you know? In the church calendar, Easter continues for 50 days after Easter Sunday. It goes all the way to Pentecost, which provides 7 Sundays for the church to bask in the wonder of the resurrection and its meaning for our faith and life.  What a sad thing that so much of the church only gives this event one day. 


This Sunday, we continue after the John 20:1-18 passage we reflected on last week.  For the Second Sunday of Easter, we read John 20:19-31, which includes the story of “doubting Thomas” and Jesus appearing to the rest of the Disciples.