Andy Lambkin
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While we're all indoors practicing safe social distancing, I wanted a simple way to bring a little Jesus encouragement into your day. So, I came up with this little lunchtime plan.

At 12:12 on most days, I'll do a live stream for those that can join in (and for those that can't, the videos will be available later). The videos will be simple. You, in my home with me, no production, just simple. I'll read the scripture assigned that day from the lectionary, and then I'll reflect briefly on what it says.

Simple. Easy.

Our trial run went live today. Click the links to watch in.

The Links

We will have two feeds you can choose to watch from:

If you have Instagram you can follow along there.

Or, you can also watch from YouTube

How Will You Know We're Posting?

In the morning we'll post a heads up on our Instagram account.

For those on YouTube, click the link above and look under the "Upcoming Live Stream" section at the top of the page.  If we're going live that day, you'll see a "12:12" link. 


In case You Missed It

Videos from each day will be saved on the YouTube channel and on the simplechurches Instagram stories.

Need Help? 

Reach out and we'll get you all sorted.