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Father, in heaven.

Today, on this national day of Truth and Reconciliation, we mourn with those who mourn. We recall again the great pain, harm and evil done to our First Nations brothers and sisters. We grieve that this harm has so often been accomplished in your name. Father, we ask again, have mercy on us. 

Lord, we pray that your kingdom will come. We ask that your light would shine into the darkness to expose both truth and lies. We pray that you will help us to see. To truly see the ones that you see. And Lord, as your kingdom comes, we pray that a visible mark of its appearing would be reconciliation. We ask for the healing of wounds and relationships. We pray for the mending of things that have been so deeply broken. 

Jesus, by your Spirit, we pray that all of our First Nations neighbours would sense the great covering of their Creator on this day. And in this covering, may they also know that they are the cherished, beloved of God.