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Two important calendars for your 2020 information and use. 

Church Calendar

Our annual calendar outlining all CityWide events and gatherings. This information is also posted in event form on our website. 

Church Liturgy Calendar

Many of our churches use the church calendar readings throughout the year to guide their scripture reading from Sunday to Sunday. This is a great resource that has the church joining in with the readings which are happening around the world.

A simple Sunday gathering looks like this:

+ Light a Candle to recall the presence of Christ in you midst. 

+ Read one (or more) of the assigned readings found in the scripture guide. Usually someone will select a reading ahead of time and reflect on it it preparation for the gathering. 

+ Discuss what the passage is speaking to the church. If help is needed with interpretation, agree to find help/answers. 

+ Worship and/or prayer.

+ Eat together.  

As always, Andy is available to help you think through your times of worship together!