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This Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, the Church begins its annual pilgrimage to the cross.  The season is called Lent, and for the uninitiated, it is the six week period leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter). It is the time when the Church reflects together on this holiest event, the sacrificial death of Jesus and his overcoming resurrection. These two events together mark the very essence of our Christian faith.  As Paul writes to the Church in Corinth, without these things, we have put our faith in a fraud. 

Because of the significance of Christ's death and resurrection, the Church usually sets aside this season as a particular time of reflection.  For those churches following the Lectionary, you will see that our Sunday readings this year are from Matthews's gospel, and each week we will journey with Jesus and Matthew from the garden to the grave. 

In addition to Sunday readings, however, many also choose to take a season of unique personal reflection. Praying and reading daily scriptures to help focus heart and mind on Jesus. This year, I will be reading along with Matthew and have chosen to download this book by N.T. Wright to help guide my praying

Would any of you like to join me? If so, click the link and either download the book or order the paperback. Afterward, let me know you are reading along. I'd like to have you in my mind as I read myself. 

For now, many blessings as you journey to Jesus this lent.