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Meet Daniel and Bryanna Ryder, leaders of a new simplechurch in Coquitlam!  

This October Daniel reached out to share about a new house church they had started in their trailer park on the border of Coquitlam and Port Moody. Coming from a Salvation Army background, the Ryders were feeling they needed accountability and relationship as they ministered to their neighbours and wondered if simplechurches might provide them with this connection. After a couple of months of getting to know them, the council agreed that they needed us and... that we needed them!

Normally, we'd welcome them officially at a CityWide as we pray for them and commission them in their ministry with us, but alas... Covid-19 means this news post will need to do for now.

Let's let Daniel speak for himself:

Bryanna and I have been married for five years. We currently live in Coquitlam with my mother-in-law Sharon. All three of us have started a house church in the Dewdney Trunk trailer park wanting to create smaller communities passionate about Jesus. Daniel has a bachelor's in practical ministry and is currently working on a bachelor's in philosophy. Bryanna has a criminology degree and is currently a woman support worker in the DTES. Sharon has raised three children and two grandchildren equaling three separate families! Bryanna and I have a similar background both coming from lower-income families and living in shelters at a young age. We pursued worldly ambitions until Christ (who was pursuing us) changed our lives radically! So, here we are currently with Simple Churches and excited to see what God is doing.  

Welcome, friends! May Jesus be with you as you serve the world.