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For 16 years now, simplechurches has partnered with Hungry for Life to serve in Ukraine.  We have raised funds, sent teams and prayed.  Much of this work has been championed by Sig and Ruth Toews. Little did we know, all those years ago, that the country we pledged to partner with would one day be plunged into war.  Nor did we expect we would be receiving her people as refugees.

Today, Ruth is joining a team from the Fraser Valley to travel into this war-torn country to serve the people there whom she has come to love so much. 

There are three ways we can support this:

1. We can pray for Ruth and the team every day.  Would you?

2. We can follow along on the team blog here 

3. We can give funds. Here's a link to the credit card giving option. Just include the word "Ukraine" in the memo.

Thank you.