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What's This About?

Over the many years of simplechurches I've had people all over the country reach out to me for wisdom and advice on how to start their own simple/house/organic church ministry. I've always wanted to put my thoughts on video but obstacles have stood in the way.  Then along comes Covid-19 and with this, the obstacles came down, but the urgency increased. 

Below is a link to the video series that has been created. It aims to do three simple things:

1. Tell the simplechurch story - I've found that just telling the story helps encourage and instruct. 

2. Provide some "How to's" -  Basic training for those looking to start something. 

3. Respond to the "Frequently Asked Questions" - People always have questions or concerns, I've found the questions tend to be the same.

Who Is This For? 

Anyone looking in that is thinking about starting a house church but is in need of some help and inspiration.

A Word to Current and Past SimpleChurch Members

As I mention in the intro video, just having my mug (and Jolie's) telling the story is a bit disingenuous as this really has been a work of all of us.  It would have been best if all of us could have contributed. Alas, that was somewhat impractical. In the end, let's just acknowledge again, this has "taken a village"... and it's all about Jesus anyway.


In the "How To | Ep. 2 | Ancient Rhythms" video I mention the lectionary and I walk us through a simple liturgy. At the bottom of this page I've included "paper" versions of these that people can download for their use. There you will find:

1. 2020 Revised Common Lectionary - this is the lectionary used the world over but it has been formated with helps for our church use. 

2. Liturgy - A basic one-page document that outlines what is walked through in the video.

3. Lectio Divina - This is a meaningful way for a church to engage with the scriptures together.  


Here's a link to the full playlist.

And below the downloads is the introductory video. I hope it's helpful... wherever you may be joining us from.