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So we're creating this really wonderful resource (They Devoted Themselves), to help house churches across our country.  But how can we spread the word? One simple way is to work with YouTube and use the system they have created. 

When you subscribe to the channel, like the videos and comment - each of these tells YouTube that these videos are watchable and, in return, they promote them to people that are searching for these kinds of things. 

So... there are three simple things you can start doing that will help spread the word: 

Subscribe* - If you haven't already, "Subscribe" to our YouTube channel. 

Like - After every video, click the little "thumbs up" symbol.

Comment - Include a quick comment "thanks!" or "Good Stuff" will work just fine. 

*To subscribe, when you're on YouTube, click the button on the upper right that says "Sign up." If you already have a "Gmail" address all you need to do is put in your address and password - that's your login. Then, after you're signed in, visit our channel, watch one of our videos, and click the "subscribe" button below the video.