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As I write this, Sig & Ruth, Peter and Liane are en-route once more to the Ukraine.  I suspect they are somewhere around the B.C./Alberta boarder.  First stop will be Toronto, then on to Vienna and finally Nikipol.  As usual, they are travelling to provide widow and orphan care to a region that has only worsened since we began our support 10 years ago.

The Plan:

Sig wrote yesterday:

we leave early tomorrow morning and arrive wednesday afternoon
we hope to package 1000 food and 1000 hygiene hampers.
supplies have been purchased in advance for our arrival

already we have seen GOD's hand
we received 50 pairs of ladies luxury winter boots from Ronsons shoe store
and reached our miracle goal of raising $100,000.00 canadian for the trip

food hampers $40,000
widow care : $20,000
orphan care : $10,000
medical supplies for home care: $10,000.
and the list continues

the country is in very tough times
a grey cloud hangs over the land
we do a lot of house visits to shut ins ( bed ridden widows )
as there is no hospital or respite care available

after you have read the news on the HFL site
great if you blog and say some words of encouragement
they read the blogs every morning at breakfast
so your words are heard

then add a quiet's the grease that keeps the wheels rollin

The Blog:

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