Andy Lambkin
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Our friends Sig and Ruth are once again represnting simplechurches in the Ukraine.  They left this morning and are enroute as this note is being typed.  Could we all pray for our friends as they travel and serve? 

Here's what Sig writes about this years trip:

Ruth and I leave Monday morning before the birds begin to sing heading for Nikopol, Ukraine

The purpose of the trip is HUMANITARIAN handing out food and hygiene supplies to widows and orphans. This will be Ruth’s 12th and my 10th trip. My Parents were both born within an hour of Nikopol. Ruth’s mom came as a 2 year old from Ukraine, and her fathers family in 1874.

The locals are very poor. Work is not available. Medical help is available but totally unaffordable.

We return Monday May 20th, the long weekend.

your prayers would be appreciated.