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Let's Make Lemonade!

As I write this brief update, there emerges hope on the horizon as the first course of vaccines are now being distributed to the public. However, it would appear that a long road remains in front of us. What are we to do with all these sour lemons?

Let's make lemonade! 

It isn't ideal. We all know this, but let's make the best of this season we are in. Let's do our best to keep meeting together. Let's do our best to keep checking in with each other. Let's do our best! 

We have decided to continue with our pattern that we worked through this fall to help with this. On one week, we will meet on-line as the Lambkin's live stream from their home, and on the other weeks, churches can zoom, or, as the government allows, in person. 

New Schedule

YouTube Simple-On-Line 

December 13
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
January 3
January 17
January 31
February 14
February 28
March 14
March 28


Weekend Liturgy

On these weekends, churches will assemble on Zoom or, as able & permitted, in person. Andy will post a weekend guide mid-week before the weekend gathering.

December 20
January 10
January 24
February 7
February 21
March 7
March 21