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Lent: At the Crux

Belgium is a country that’s a lot like Canada.  Unless you live there no one pays it much attention.  This week that changed. Terrorist bombs ripped through the airport and train station.  The early word is that the... Read More


Lent: It's My Party...

In Jesus day the Jews were in a real pickle.  The truth is, they had been, more or less, for nearly 500 years.  Rome was the power d’jour but prior to Jesus a long line of despots and thugs had ruled over them.... Read More


Lent: He has Always Been He

I’m at home sick today.  Conked out by a cold that set in sometime Sunday afternoon.  By the time bedtime rolled around I was doped up on Benadryl and praying for sleep. Waking up this morning I was wondering if... Read More


Lent: All Right, All Right, All Right.

This weeks Lent readings are all about forgiveness. In Joshua we read about God forgiving Israel as they set up life in their new land. In the Psalms, David recalls how his heart groaned under the weight of his sin... Read More