Our Vision Poem

Our Vision is Jesus.
Present and near, dwelling within,
Sweet and wondrous,
intimate and kind.

Our Vision is Jesus.
We want to be a movement of disciples that know him, see him, love him and listen to him.
We want to live with him, abide in him,
rest in him.
We want to be his resting place – a people that God calls home.
We want him. Just him. So desperate for him.

Our Vision is Jesus.
Living among, showing the way,
Humble and good,
Generous and faithful.

Our Vision is Jesus.
We want to be a movement of friends that live as he lives, act as he acts and give as he gives.
We want to be different, spend different,
live different.
We want to be righteous and pure,
holy and good.
We want to be free and alive, brimming with passion.
We want joy to be our experience, “Life!” to be our cry and unity to be our hallmark.
We want to be the kingdom here and now.
We want to be like him. Just like him. So much like him.

Out ahead, blazing the trail,
Healing and tender,
Mighty and just.

Our Vision is Jesus.
We want to be a movement of radicals that see who he sees,
go where he goes and love who he loves.
We want to touch who he touches and heal who he heals.
We want to love our neighbours and bless our world.
We want to join him in turning a generation of people
back to the heart of the Father.
We want to go where he goes. Just where he goes.
Must go where he goes.

Our Vision is Jesus.
This is what it means to be a disciple.
This is what it means to be on a mission.
This is our life.

A movement of people moving toward our vision.

Our Vision is Jesus.