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As our fall plan outlines, every other week, those churches interested can join us on-line from the Lambkin home as we continue to practice our ancient rhythms of worship in these unusual times.  On the alternate weeks, churches can gather on Zoom to read scripture and pray or meet up for an outside event. 

Join us on YouTube

In the spring, we had both an Instagram feed and a YouTube feed.  To simplify things, this fall we will only be using YouTube.  It's more stable, better image quality, and just makes things simpler. 

Click on this link to be taken to our YouTube live stream channel.  The live stream for this Sunday will be listed in the "upcoming" section. (If you arrive early, a notice will appear on the screen telling you how long until the "live event" begins.  If 9:30 arrives and the event does not automatically appear, refresh your browser.)  

Here’s What You Can Expect

  • At 9:30 am we will have a song playing for a few minutes so that the “stragglers” can link in.
  • We will light our candle as a reminder that Jesus, who is the Light of the World is with us.
  • We will read and reflect on our passage: Judges 4:1-7 & Psalm 123
  • We will pray for us, our city, our world, the leaders who are serving us. 
  • We will have communion together. 
  • We will blow out the candle and say goodbye.

Here’s How You Can Prepare

  • Have the scripture ready so you can read along.
  • Set out communion supplies. If you don’t have juice, improvise. Jesus gets it. 
  • Have a candle ready that you can light at home. 
  • Send links to any friend that might be looking for spiritual food these days.