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They Devoted Themselves

This weekend, all over our city, our churches will be gathering. Families, friends, young and old, coming together for each other and for Jesus. As you gather, I’ve had two simple instructions on my heart. First, a... Read More

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Generosity: A Follow Up Video

At our January CityWide we talked about "Generosity".  How this value has always been part of God's calling for his people and how the calling remains part of our values as a church.  We also though talked about... Read More

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Fraser Street Starts New Church in Coquitlam!

The headline says it all!  This January, a very full Fraser Street is sending out a few pioneers to start a new work in Coquitlam.  It's our first trip to the "burbs" (cue eye roll from all the Vancouver people who... Read More


The Big Give!

This year, we put out a call. We asked that you would dig a little deeper, sacrifice a little further, give a little more.  You were faithful to the call.  When we put out the request, we knew we had a budget to... Read More

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A 500th Anniversary!

Today marks a special anniversary in the Church's history.  It's the 500th anniversary of the day Martin Luther nailed his "95 Theses" to the Wittenburg Castle Church Door - triggering the Reformation whilst... Read More


Ukraine 2017 Trip Information and Blog

Once again, Sig & Ruth have travelled to the Ukraine representing our simplechurches while serving the church there.  As with the last time, their primary work is to support the Nikipol Baptist church as they... Read More

Newmusic vapor

New Music | The Liturgists | Vapor

A beautiful song from one of our Fraser Street members!   Listen and rest....     Read More


An Important Financial Update from the Council

At Sunday's AGM we had an important update from the church treasurer. Along with the update, letters were given to everyone present to take home and prayerfully consider.  Rather than recap the details, all the... Read More


Children & Youth Worker Position

As most of you know, last CityWide was the final Sunday for our beloved Leah who's worked with our children for the past three years. She's done such a great job and we're going to miss her greatly.  This time of... Read More


Annual Report

Attached below is the Annual Report for the upcoming Annual General Meeting.  All members are asked to read the report including the Report of the Treasurer and the Report of the Pastor.  Read More