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2015 Annual Report

For your reading pleasure, here is a copy of the 2015 Annual Report of the Society.  Thanks for all your contributions to the life of our church.       Read More


News from Linwood House

Many of us have been recipients of Linwood House's hospitality and generosity. It is with sadness that we forward along this news. Please read the attached letter from Gwen.      Read More


Ukraine 2015 Trip Information and Blog

Our 2015 Ukraine ministry trip is set to begin this Saturday, April 8th. Sig and Ruth Toews and Peter and Liane Evenow are once again representing simplechurches. Sig writes... Today we were informed we have... Read More

Communications Intern

Our friends, Sara-Jane and Al are looking for help with a communications intern.  Do you have someone in mind?   Here's the info:   Read More

Calendar subscription

Calendar Subscription

One challenge with our new website is that it lacks the ability to "subscribe" to the calendar so that events appear in your home computer, phone, ipad etc.  Jonathan has graciously provided us a work around. Here's... Read More


The Wednesday Called "Ash"

Once again my life has been graced by Twitter (the best of the social media platforms). This morning a string of 140 character posts reminded me that today, March 5th, is Ash Wednesday (This post was written for Ash... Read More

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The Problem of Proximity | On Being a Disciple Pt. IV

Last time we ended in a bit of a conundrum. We had seen how Jesus had worked with his twelve students using three primary means of learning: lecture, apprenticeship and immersion. We identified that the last two of... Read More


New Music | Josh White | Absolution

I've been listening to Josh for a few weeks now, and have really been enjoying him. I was put on to him by another of my favourties, Josh Garrels.  Both Josh's call Portland home and are part of the same church.... Read More

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There's a Method to this Madness | On Being a Disciple Pt. III

Last time we looked at Jesus plan for revolution: call twelve followers, live with them for three years, teach and demonstrate the reality of his Kingdom and then send them out with instructions to repeat; doing... Read More

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The King's Apprentices | On Being a Disciple Pt. II

The gospel of Mark begins in a hurry. After a brief prologue, Jesus get’s baptized and right off starts preaching. “Repent!” he’s heard telling people, “the kingdom of God is dawning!” Or, to put that another way,... Read More